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Om Shanti Workshops

Through my workshops and writing I hope to inspire personal growth and radical empathy for others. I hope to encourage people to become better advocates for change, better storytellers, better community members and better humans.

Write your Story

Through writing our stories, we process what has happened to us, we step back and see the trends and patterns of our lives, we accept, heal, celebrate and grow.  In this workshop (2 hours or 8 hours over 4 weeks) I teach how to begin a writing journey.  


You will learn:

Strategies for getting started,

Creating vivid narratives

Editing and polishing

Finding the heart of your story

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Become a better human

Join me on this journey.  I offer workshops on:

Reducing bias and becoming more fair

How to have and lead difficult conversations

Privilege and Allyship

Race and Racial Equity

Writers Circle


We circle up, write, share, and give feedback.

We meet weekly on Tuesdays, noon-1pm PST

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