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Forest Sunrays

Om Shanti:
Workshops for writing and growing

Through workshops and writing I hope to inspire personal growth and radical empathy for others. I hope to encourage people to become better advocates for change, better storytellers, better community members and better humans.

Our Programs

Open Book


Write Your Story

This four-week online workshop is the beginning of your writing journey

Female Bust


One-day Retreats

This Spring take time to reflect, relax, and connect with others. "Knowing Yourself" in collaboration with Coach Laura



Circle-up Writing Groups

Gather with other writers to write, share, gather feedback and get inspired.

Winter & Spring Registration Is Now Open!

About Shanti

     I am foremost a storyteller. For over ten years I represented people convicted of murder, rape and other “criminals” as their advocate and attorney, sharing their stories with judges and other legal leaders. I wrote a memoir (Almost Innocent: From searching to saved in America's criminal justice system (Amplify, 2021)) about our shared stories of navigating and surviving the tragic and messy criminal justice system, and about being a woman, mom and partner through all of it. ​

     I emerged from the criminal justice system–the epicenter of racial inequity– focused on our shared experience of human fallibility and the need for profound change. I co-founded and lead Fogbreak Justice, a national organization that collaborates with and educates criminal justice professionals, civic leaders and business change-makers who are serious about fairness and equity. ​

     As a professor, teacher, facilitator and expert on experiential learning for adults, I have taught thousands of people complex skills like reducing bias, managing really hard conversations, becoming anti-racist, and writing for personal and social change.

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