"Almost Innocent is a deft but humble investigation into who is worthy of compassion and where justice may have lost its way."

Kelly Corrigan, New York Times bestselling author of The Middle PlaceGlitter and Glue, and Tell Me More

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What I do...

Fogbreak Justice has taught thousands of people across the country about implicit bias, creating fairness, building community trust, and making the criminal justice system more just.


Shanti specializes in criminal appeals and post-conviction proceedings. Due to diligent research, impeccable writing and zealous advocacy, she has had enormous success, including several published decisions. Read a decision on federal habeas and a decision on shackling juveniles. Shanti is also co-founder and partner at Fogbreak Justice, a training and consulting company with the mission to transform the criminal justice system through education that promotes respect, dignity, safety and fairness.

Shanti develops curriculum emphasizing experiential learning and teaching complex skills to adult learners. Through Fogbreak Justice, Shanti has taught thousands of people about reducing bias, increasing fairness, race and racism and building community trust. Shanti formerly taught at Berkeley Law at the University of California and at Mills College Graduate School of Business and Public Policy where she taught Law and Public Policy with significant attention to criminal justice policy.
Shanti's book about the criminal justice system, Almost Innocent, was published on March 2, 2021 by Amplify Publishing. Almost Innocent follows the legal and personal journeys of Shanti's clients, both innocent and guilty, in the context of a criminal investigation thrust into Shanti's private life.  Together their stories bring to life the criminal justice system in all its messy, complicated, tragic humanity.
Shanti's has several other published works.  She also contributes opinion pieces to the Piedmont Exedra, an online news outlet for the east bay and writes blogs for Ms. JD.  Her blog about social justice issues can be found on Medium.

Who I am...


As a litigator, I have extensive experience in the complex area of habeas corpus litigation, where I developed expertise in constitutional principles as well as the procedural intricacies of the US criminal justice system. I have handled prisoner civil rights litigation and parole cases.  


As a educator and consultant, I continue to advocate for criminal justice reform and equity. I taught at Berkeley Law and Mills College Graduate School of Business and Public Policy.  Through Fogbreak Justice, I lead workshops on increasing fairness and building community trust in criminal justice agencies and professionals. I co-created The CrimSim, an immersive educational experience about the criminal justice system. I also speak on issues related to bias, equity and criminal justice including "What Businesses can do for criminal justice reform and racial equity" and “The Constitution in Action: The Rapper 2Chainz, The Fourth Amendment, and Six Stories of Constitutional Rights in the Real World.” 


I received a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors and distinction in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. I earned my JD from Stanford Law School. I grew up in the Central Valley of California. Modesto to be precise.  It was the birthplace of cruising.  I write about growing up with Guns & Roses, mentally illness and my Cowboy and Indian family.  I am an enrolled member of the Muscogee (Creek) tribe, now located in Oklahoma. I live in the East Bay with my husband and three children. I love to hike, read memoirs, create cocktails and listen to 80s music.  


What I'm up to...

Fogbreak Justice
Experiential Education Programs for Criminal Justice Professionals and Civic Leaders
Speaking Gigs

Presentations on Implicit Bias, Criminal Justice Reform, Mass Incarceration, Constitutional Principles, Policing and other Social Justice Issues





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